Designer Screen Shades | 單層捲簾

For excellent UV protection while maintaining your view of the outdoors, our Designer Screen Shades are available in varying levels of opacity. Offering a minimal yet sophisticated shade with light control, color and style - a perfect roller screen shade for your patio or sunroom.

提供優良UV保護的同時,又可透現窗外美景,美國製造的捲簾Designer Screen Shades備有不同遮光度布料可供選擇,線條簡潔,兼備光線控制功能,絕對是透光窗簾的理想之選。

Features & Benefits | 產品特色及優點

Custom Clutch System | 標準制頭系統

Setting a new standard for roller shade design and performance, the new Hunter Douglas Custom Clutch features sleek, modern styling together with precision tuned lift technology - delivering exceptionally smooth operation, ease of lifting and the smallest light gap in the industry.

創新設計的Hunter Douglas Custom Clutch System 標準制頭系統,不只外型時尚,更令捲簾操作更暢順省力。

Top and bottom treatments | 自選頂底槽襯色



Choose to upgrade your headrail and bottom rail for a attractive look. Complement or match your shade with a seperate fabric from the top and create a finished look with a wide choice of fabrics for the bottom rail.

每幅Designer Screen Shades都會使用與窗簾相同的布料包裹頂底槽,令外觀更整齊。您又自選頂、底槽的布料,另選其他顏色配搭,展現個人風格。

UV protection | UV防護



Protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading with at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays.

Designer Roller Shades可阻擋最少75%有害紫外線,保護皮膚免受損害,又可保護名貴傢俬、地板及擺設,避免褪色變黃。

Operation System | 操作系統

Hunter Douglas offer a wide array of innovative lifting system options for enhanced child and pet safety as well as especially easy operation.

Hunter Douglas深信窗飾產品不單要時尚美觀,更需提供不同功能要求,顧及家居安全之餘,更要方便操作。因此Hunter Douglas創製出多款操作系統,切合不同家居需要。

Standard Cordlock / Standard Original System | 標準拉繩

Ensures ease of operation and long-lasting durability.


EasyRise | 循環拉繩

Allows even the largest shades to be easily raised and lowered. The cord tensioner is mounted securely for enhanced child and pet safety.


PowerView | 電動

Our Brilliant new wireless operating system gives you the power to control and schedule your Hunter Douglas window treatments from your smartphone, tablet or a remote control.


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