Duette® Honeycomb Shades | 迪雅®風琴簾

Exclusive to Hunter Douglas, the Duette® Architella® Collection is a revolutionary window covering that dramatically reduces heating and cooling costs,without compromising style. Duette® Architella honeycomb shades provide three insulating air pockets that deliver superior energy efficiency in every climate and every season and it can reduce energy loss up to 50%.

Hunter Douglas皇牌風琴簾獨家推出Architella®系列雙峰窩布料,革命性同軸雙風琴三重隔熱結構,有效阻隔冷氣/熱力流失,保持室溫,可減少使用冷暖空調的電力消耗達50%,慳電環保,同時保持生活質素,營造冬暖夏涼的家居環境。

Features & Benefits | 產品特色及優點

Energy-Efficiency | 慳電節能

  • We designed the unique cellular shade that traps air in distinct pockets to help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • 迪雅®Architella®系列風琴簾獨有同軸雙風琴的專利設計,將更多空氣保留其中,隔熱功能更出色,冬天可阻止室內熱能流失,夏天又可以阻力流動,輕鬆營造冬暖夏涼的生活環境。

  • And while the honeycomb design is praised for its efficiency, its shape and overall aesthetic are nothing short of beautiful.

  • 卓越的隔熱功能有助減少使用電力保持室溫,大幅減低能源消耗,實踐環保、節省電費之餘,又可保持優良的生活質素。

Absorb Sound | 隔音功能

  • Improve your room's acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound. It starts at the windows. The degree of sound control will depend on the fabric you choose, so if this is an important feature to you, be sure to discuss it with your sales expert.

  • 中空蜂巢設計提供出色旳隔音效果,有助減低窗外嘈音造成的騷擾,令室內環境更寧靜舒適,進一步改善生活質素。隔音效果會因應所選布料而稍有不同,詳情請向銷售員查詢。

Child Safety | 家居安全

  • Cordless lifting systems, such as LiteRise®, UltraGlide's retractable cord and EasyRise™ with cord tensioner for enhanced child and pet safety.

  • Hunter Douglas在設計窗飾時將家居安全放在第一位,推出多款專為保障家居安全而設的操作系統,包括不設拉繩的乾電遙控、輕觸式等,設計創新、外觀整齊簡潔之餘,亦進一步兼顧到家居安全,為嬰兒、幼童營造安全舒適的家。

Design Options | 設計選項

Top-Down/Bottom-Up | 上下合式

  • Offers the ability to operate shades from the top down, the bottom up or in combination to provide privacy while still allowing for natural light.

  • 簾身上/下均可開合,可按需要打開上半部、下半部或其他開合程度,保持私隱的同時,又可將日光引進室內。

DuoliteTM Privacy/Light Option | 日夜簾

  • Offers maximum light control through two separate fabric panels for ‘day or night’ convenience, providing limitless options for privacy and light control.

  • 將透光及遮光兩款布料合二為一,可按需要調節日/夜簾的比例,配合不同時候的需要,尤其適合安裝於睡房。

Operation System | 操作系統

  • Hunter Douglas offer a wide array of innovative lifting system options for enhanced child and pet safety as well as especially easy operation.

  • Hunter Douglas深信窗飾產品不單要時尚美觀,更需提供不同功能要求,顧及家居安全之餘,更要方便操作。因此Hunter Douglas創製出多款操作系統,切合不同家居需要。

EasyRise | 循環拉繩

  • Allows even the largest shades to be easily raised and lowered. The cord tensioner is mounted securely for enhanced child and pet safety.

  • 特設循環繩圈及彈性安全扣,操作大幅窗簾時更輕鬆省力。安全繩扣可固定於窗框,減低發生家居意外的潛在危險。

LiteRise | 輕觸式

  • Cordless system that raises and lowers window shades easily.

  • 以手把控制窗簾開合,調節至理想位置。不設拉繩,減低發生家居意外的潛在危險,外觀更簡潔。

Vertiglide | 垂直風琴簾

  • Ideal for side-to-side openings, sliding glass doors and as room dividers, this system does not carry cords, chains or wands that get in the way of children and animals.

  • 可左右開合,尤其適用於露台窗及間隔房間。可選擇垂直日夜簾,將透光及遮光兩款布料合二為一,按需要調節日/夜簾的比例。

SkyLift | 天幕式

  • 特別適合安裝於天花窗戶。

  • Specially designed for windows on ceilings for light diffusion and energy saving.

PowerView | 電動

  • Our Brilliant new wireless operating system gives you the power to control and schedule your Hunter Douglas window treatments from your smartphone, tablet or a remote control.

  • 全新推出無線智能電動系統,可使用智能電話、平板電腦或遙控器操作窗飾。可配合智能家居系統。

Specification | 規格

4 - 5

4 - 5

1 - 3.5

4 - 5

2 - 5

Points (5 for highest and 1 for lowest) | 分數 (5分最高1分最低)

Insulation | 隔熱效能

Solar Heat Control | 調節太陽熱力

Daylighting | 善用日光

Ultraviolet Protection | 阻擋紫外線

Sound Absorption | 隔音效果

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