Silhouette® Window Shadings | 絲絡雅®柔紗簾

Silhouette® window shadings feature soft adjustable fabric vanes that appear to be floating between two sheer fabric panels that beautifully diffuse harsh sunlight. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy.


Our Signature S-Vane™ is designed to put you in control of the amount of natural light that comes in, with beautiful effects. Transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it, spreading it evenly throughout your room, so you can maximize daylight hours and reduce your need for artificial light.

專利Signature S-Vane™設計,只需調節簾片角度,即可控制入室光線,又可將光線平均分佈於屋內,善用日光,減少時用電燈照明,慳電又環保。

Our beautiful sheer fabrics also softly filter out brightness, glare, and UV rays - protecting your furniture and flooring from fading.



The EasyRise™ lifting system with continuous cord loop disperses the weight evenly across the shading, making even the largest shading easy to raise.


Features & Benefits | 產品特色及優點

Silhouette® Window Shadings, with the Signature S-Vane™, transform the look of a room by diffusing sunlight into a warm glow with exceptional elegance. 

絲絡雅®柔紗簾採用專利S-VaneTM設計,兩層優質窗紗中間懸掛著輕柔簾片,可過濾及柔化入室光線,令室內氣氛更柔和舒適。可選2", 3" 及 4" 簾片, 配合不同尺寸的窗戶

1. Transform harsh sunlight. Vanes and sheers combine to softly filter light.

1. 輕柔窗紗和簾片互相配合,輕鬆過濾刺眼光線

2. Provide ultraviolet protection. Sheers and vanes combine to provide up to 88% ultraviolet protection with vanes open, 99% when closed.

2. 當簾片打開時,可阻擋88%紫外線,簾片閉合時更可阻擋達99%

3. Enhance natural daylighting. Sheers disperse sunlight deep into the room, reducing the need for electric lights.

3. 簾片可輕鬆調節角度,有助引入適量自然光線至室內,令光線平均分佈,減少使用電力照明,慳電又環保

4. Preserve outside views. No cords or tapes run through product to obstruct outside views.

4. 窗紗於過濾陽光的同時,亦可透現窗外美景,整幅窗簾設計精巧,中間不設控制繩,不會阻礙景觀

Silhouette® Window Shadings with Anti-Moiré

絲絡雅®柔紗簾 -  Anti-Moiré 專利防波紋效果


The weave on the sheer front fabric facing is different than the weave on the rear facing, thus eliminating any wavy motion a person would otherwise see when looking through the shading.

絲絡雅®柔紗簾的布料採用專利Anti- Moire技術,前後兩層窗紗的編織方法稍有不同,即使兩層窗紗重疊,視覺仍能保持清晰,可清楚透現窗外美景之餘,觀感亦舒適自然,不會出現波紋現象。

Other brand’s window shading without anti-moiré


When both the overlays use the same or very similar material, a moiré pattern is created due to light interference effects.

當前後兩層紋理相似的窗紗重疊,波紋現象(Moire Effect)便會產生,尤其當陽光照射在窗簾上,所產生的波紋現象會影響視野,景觀變得模糊,並會使人感到暈眩。

Operation System | 操作系統

Hunter Douglas offer a wide array of innovative lifting system options for enhanced child and pet safety as well as especially easy operation.

Hunter Douglas深信窗飾產品不單要時尚美觀,更需提供不同功能要求,顧及家居安全之餘,更要方便操作。因此Hunter Douglas創製出多款操作系統,切合不同家居需要。

PowerView | 電動


Our brilliant new wireless operating system gives you the power to control and schedule your Hunter Douglas window treatments from your smartphone, tablet or a remote control.


EasyRise | 循環拉繩

Pulling down on the front of our EasyRise continuous loop lowers your window fashion. Pulling on the rear of the loop raises it.


UltraGlide® 2 Click and Walk Away | 伸縮拉繩

Our renolutionary UltraGlide 2 Click and Walk Away system features a unique, retractable cord - letting you raise and lower your window treatments without unsightly, dangling external cords.


Specification | 規格

Points (5 for highest and 1 for lowest) | 分數 (5分最高1分最低)

Insulation | 隔熱效能

Solar Heat Control | 調節太陽熱力

Daylighting | 善用日光

Ultraviolet Protection | 阻擋紫外線

Sound Absorption | 隔音效果

1 - 1.5

2 - 3

4.5 - 5

4.5 - 5

2 - 2.5

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