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PowerView® Automation System
Cooperating Home Automation Systems
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PowerView® Setup
Hunter Douglas PowerView Home Automation setup 智能家居窗簾總控盒位置設定

1. PowerView® Repeater

The Repeater is a small signal enhancer that discreetly plugs into any AC outlet in the home to extend signal range so PowerView® can work throughout your home, regardless of its size.


2. Pebble® and Surface Scene Controller

Working in concert with the PowerView® Hub and App, you can activate preprogrammed scenes directly from the handheld Pebble® or wall-mounted Surface Remote. Quickly scroll through a list of your personalized scenes or activate using one of two favourite buttons.


3. PowerView® App

Our innovative app allows you to use your smartphone like a remote control for individual shades, or the entire home, whether at home or away with RemoteConnect. The App requires the PowerView® Hub for operation.


4. Pebble® and Surface Remote

At the heart of the PowerView® Automation system are the easy-to-use hand-held and wall mounted remote that let you easily control and adjust a single window covering or an entire room with the push of a button.


5. PowerView® Hub

The Hub attaches to your home’s wifi router and is the centralised brain of the entire PowerView® system, storing the customized settings, activating schedules and providing a central point of control for all PowerView® window coverings in your home.

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